Invite a Friend to Church

Let’s face it. When we invite people to church, the idea of it can be nerve-wracking. There’s a lot of inner dialogue that happens. How do I bring it up in conversation? What if people think I'm a fanatic? What if they think church is full of judgmental people? What if I get rejected? What if I make them uncomfortable? What if I'm uncomfortable?

The tendency is to ask a lot of scary “what if” questions that focus on the negative side. But "what if" you reminded yourself of the potential, instead?

  • What if God has been preparing their heart and has been waiting for me to invite them?
  • What if they say yes?
  • What if they’re hurting and find healing at church?
  • What if they give their life to Christ because of my invitation?
  • What if someone had never invited me?

Keep these things in mind, and use B.L.E.S.S. as a way to comfortably overcome the natural fear you might have. B.L.E.S.S. is our model of conversation and relationship building that honors the story of the person you are engaging in conversation. B.L.E.S.S. is a helpful acronym that means:

  • B. Begin in Prayer
  • L. Listen to Another's Story
  • E. Eat or share a meal or coffee
  • S. Serve where there is a need
  • S. Story. Share your story of faith

Let's face it, Christianity—let alone church—can seem like an impossible topic. You may have heard the advice, "don't bring up religion or politics in polite conversation" and that might have merit, but Christianity is not about religion, it is about a relationship. So if you find it difficult to engage friends about your faith, you might enjoy this post about talking about Jesus with friends of any faith.

For more thoughts on inviting friends to church, here is a helpful article from our friends at